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  • Serving the life of science and
    technology civilization.
    Serving the life of science and
    technology civilization.

    Serving the life of science and
    technology civilization.

    Serving the life of science and
    technology civilization.

    About usPresident Speech
    About us
    Be ambitious but down to earth
    We strive to become a world-class company with core competitiveness
    To achieve long-term sustainability and continuous competitive advantage, a company needs to have a vision. Firm vision and the pursuit of strategic goals is the pivotal support for us to overcome challenges and move forward. Becoming a world-class company with core competitiveness is the strategic goal of DESAY Corporation which is also our mission in the new era.

    We will always remain true to the original aspiration and be grateful for what we have today. No matter how far we are, we will always remember the path we have been through. We are grateful to this great era as DESAY has emerged and grown in the wave of reform and opening up. We are grateful to be in a place where inclusivity, pragmatism and pioneering spirit have provided fertile soil and support for the development of the company. We truly appreciate generations of DESAY people who have been working hard to pursue the dreams and passed on from generations to generations so that DESAY can grow to new heights continuously. We extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and partners as we will not be what we are today without your trust and support.

    Be vigilant in times of peace and be prudent in times of growth. Development is like rowing upstream and one will be left behind if he does not move forward. In the tide of changing times and amidst the fiercely competitive electronic information industry, DESAY has always been down-to-earth and persisted in serving the country via industrial development, technological innovations, and leading products which enable our entry into the global mainstream supply system with high-quality products and services.

    Be ambitious and forward-looking. “Although the road ahead is far, we will arrive as long as we keep walking.” DESAY shall shoulder on a higher mission and greater responsibility for the revitalization of the national industry and the country's prosperity. We will continue to enhance the global vision and thinking to promote our global business strategy and footprint. DESAY will establish a practical, adaptive and competitive talent system that provides a career platform for employees and the company to work and grow together with shared values.

    “No matter how high the mountain is, we will always conquer it and no matter how long the road is, we will also reach the destination.” Marching on the path in the new era, we are full of enthusiasm and high morale and we strive to be a world-class company with core competitiveness and constantly create greater values for our customers, employees, shareholders and the society!
    Jiang Jie
    DESAY Corporation Chairman CEO
    Desay strives to be
    an international leading company
    with core competence

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